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Why Damon Braces
Portland, OR

Image of a smiling young woman after getting braces at Senestraro Family Orthodontics in Portland, OR. Your appearance can make a vast difference in your confidence. Moreover, a healthy smile is one of the things that most people notice. In case you have a bad bite, crooked teeth, or any other dental problem, it can be challenging for you to find the success that you need as a professional. Dental braces can fix bite problems, correct overcrowding, and straighten your teeth. They also help to improve the overall appearance of your smile. Our dentist at Senestraro Family Orthodontics believes that everyone deserves to have the amazing smile that they have always dreamed of. If you are looking for one of the best ways to straighten your teeth then Damon Braces may be for you.

What Are Damon Braces?

Damon braces look the same as traditional metal braces and lingual braces orthodontic treatments for teeth straightening and alignment, however, they are slightly different self-ligating systems and are less involved. Ideally, Damon braces are utilized and placed by an orthodontist on the patients to correct unevenly spaced teeth, poorly oriented teeth, crowded teeth, and crooked teeth. While lingual braces and traditional metal braces brackets require several accessories and adjustments, Damon braces are self-ligating, require fewer visits, and are more comfortable.

lnvisalign vs Braces

Another option to straighten your teeth is the use of clear aligners. One of the most popular brands is Invisalign. Some patients prefer these since they are removable and partially unnoticeable. Other people feel that clear aligners are more comfortable when compared to braces. Remember that together with flossing and brushing, you have to brush and rinse clear aligners every day.

Traditional braces use a system of wires and brackets to straighten teeth. Since they depend on elastic ties to hold the wire, you must adjust them to continue shifting the teeth. This can be a painful experience and can make the treatment time longer. Not only are braces uncomfortable but they are also easily visible and bulky. Some components like elastics can cause the wearers to feel awkward in their daily life.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Like any other orthodontic device, Invisalign works by applying gentle pressure to move the poorly oriented teeth along the periodontal membrane and get it into the correct position. The pressure encourages the gum to decrease and allows the teeth to reabsorb back into the membrane to the side where the force is applied. New tissue will grow in the spaces left after shifting the teeth.

However, you need to wear aligners for more than 20 hours per day but the ability to remove these trays is better when compared to what conventional braces offer. What’s more, Invisalign treatment is less time-consuming when compared to conventional dental treatment. It takes six months less than traditional braces. When choosing between aligners vs braces, patients should consider factors like lifestyle, age, and level of collection.

Since Damon Braces were brought to the market, it is one of the most preferred teeth straightening methods for most patients. The treatment time is virtually painless, and it has little or no effect on daily living. At Senestraro Family Orthodontics, we can assist you to achieve the smile of your dreams.
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