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Protecting Your Braces

The decision to get braces is a monumental one for most people. It is expensive and requires a lot of attention in order to take care of the existing orthodontic conditions successfully. With an investment like this, it is important to take proper care of them. Patients who take the instructions lightly or who do not see the value in trying to take care of them may be disappointed in the overall outcome and could potentially cause additional costs to repair damaged components by failing to follow guidelines.

Anyone considering braces needs to be made fully aware of what the process entails from beginning to end. We are available to answer those questions at Senestraro Family Orthodontics where we can give all the details available so our patients can decide for themselves what the best course of treatment is.

Concerns with Braces

There are a variety of different braces. They have evolved over time. While yes there are traditional braces with brackets glued to teeth and a wire attached, the process has become streamlined. Despite the changes in style and appearance, more children still wear braces than adults. As with anything, some children follow instructions well while still others do not. By not following guidelines, children can compromise the appliance or injure themselves in the process.

Braces are an invaluable tool in the orthodontic dentistry arsenal. They can help shift teeth when they are crowded or too far apart with too much space between. Abiding by the guidelines set forth by the orthodontist will result in a more effective treatment and make the process as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Brushing and Flossing with Braces

Most patients think it impossible to properly brush and floss with braces, but they could not be more wrong. Just like taking care of teeth without braces, brushing and flossing is vital to maintaining the overall oral health for the patient. While it does take a bit more effort, it is definitely something which needs to be done.

With braces, it is incredibly easy for food debris to stick to the teeth and the orthodontic appliance. This also means bacteria can more easily attach causing gingivitis and tooth decay to the point of gum disease.


It is important to brush and floss gently so the appliance will not get damaged. Another way to help protect the orthodontic appliance is to be conscious of diet. Avoid sticky foods which might cling to the dental work more readily than non-sticky foods. Also, avoid chewing on anything that is not food such as fingernails or a pen cap.
If a patient is playing sports it is incredibly important to wear an appropriate mouthguard to protect the appliance. Getting hit in the face while participating in sports could be catastrophic resulting in damage to the appliance and significant injury to the patient’s oral cavity.

It is important to recognize that braces are an investment. They should be viewed as a vehicle to get the patient to their treatment goals. When the rules are not followed, it can cost additional money to repair damage and additional time to reach those end results. Come see us today at Senestraro Family Orthodontics to find out more at our office. Give us a call at [[CLIENT:OfficePhone]]] for an appointment.
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